Kids Pirate Costumes and Pirate Party Supplies

Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook – what do they all have in common? They are pirates that are well known and loved by children of all ages. They conjure images of swashbuckling on the high seas, in search of treasures of gold and jewels from far off lands.

There’s a reason why kids find romance in the fantasy world of pirates. You can help turn that fantasy into a reality by having a pirate theme at your child’s next party, and dressing your swashbucklers in kids pirate costumes and turning your home into a pirate’s paradise with pirate party supplies.

Whether your aspiring buccaneer is a girl or a boy, there are pirate outfits to meet any need or price. For instance, a premium costume, for a boy, can cost as much as $100. For this price, you get a vest, hat, jacket, eye-patch, sword and boot tops. A premium girl’s costume runs around $80, and includes a vest, bandanna, petticoat, sash and choker. Both of these are high-end, kids pirate costumes, and will hold up to multiple washings and wearings.

Of course, not everyone has the pirate’s booty to afford such premium outfits, and there are plenty of less expensive options available. For $20, your child can dress just like a Caribbean pirate, with authentic looking pants, sword and eye-patch. For the same price, your daughter can look like Ruby, with satin sleeves and lace-up corset. When it comes to kids pirate costumes, choices abound.

To make your party authentic, adorn your home with pirate party supplies. For very reasonable prices, you can purchase skull and cross-bone pennants, and even pirate hats and eye-patches for your guests. Kids can eat off of pirate-themed plates, with the Jolly Rodger or treasure maps on them.

Keep your drinks cold in a treasure chest cooler! For fun, the kids can play a Pirate Treasure Map game. You can even buy a pinata that looks just like a treasure chest. There are enough kids pirate party supplies to turn your home into a true pirate’s lair.

Don’t forget to send your pirate guests home with some booty, all packed in authentic looking treasure chest, for less than $1.50 each. Fill them with all sorts of pirate party favors, from bookmarks to finger-puppets. Pirate party supplies will create a memorable day for the guests and host.

What could be more fun than a pirate-themed party for your child? With plenty of options for kids pirate costumes and pirate party supplies, your next party can become an unforgettable fantasy turned into a reality. Fly the Jolly Rodger and create a world of swashbuckling adventure.

A pirate-themed party may be just what your child wants. Let them live their dreams and become the buccaneer of their fantasies. To make this happen, check out Rebecca’s kids pirate costume and pirate party supplies site. Rebecca can offer you some top-notch products through her affiliation with the largest retailers of costumes and party supplies online, offering a 110% best price guarantee!

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